About me

I'm glad that you are here:) We don't know each other so maybe I can write you something about myself?!
I think you aren't here by accident. Probably you are interested in handmade crafts. But before I write some certain details about my works, maybe you want to get to know me better.

I graduated from University of Technology in Łodz (yes, I'm from Lodz, but my life is full of adventures so I live somewhere else:)), it was Biotechnology, after a few adventures I came to Luxembourg, where I graduated Systems biology. As you can see I'm a mathematic mind:) But unfortunately, I didn't work in this area of science. Maybe it's good or no, but the most important is that I am happy.

When I was in Luxembourg and I was pregnant, I found a new hobby. I started with making a toy for my unborn daughter (now she is running around me:)) Then I discovered that I love handmade.

What's more, I was doing things only for myself, but then my friends started getting interested in where my things came from. I started doing mainly felted goods (like bags or laptop covers) for them as well. Then I found a new method of creation - it was kanzashi method. After a few months I came back to Poland.

Someone who knows me can be surprised. Your zodiac is lion, you are impatient, you want everything immediately, and here a handmade ?! So yes, something that can be relaxing for me and I learnt to be patient. As we know, mother needs patience, it's only thing which can save us:)

It's important for you to know what to expect. I am keen on all DIY things from kaznashi/ribbon flowers, cover (kindle or notebooks), bags or hair accessories. As I have some great experience in looking after children I really hope to try myself in doing stuff for the youngest kids - I have already some nice designs in my head. I am glad that you want to share it with me.

Handmade is very popular nowadays. So if you want, get to know what I've done already on Etsy.

I consider professionalism as something very important, so I am trying to work in this way. I know that you can have problems with other orders according to measurements, colors or patterns that's why I can create something for you as unique as you want. Another important value is to have personal contact with customers, so if it's possible, I personally respond for you emails. I create all items according to your preferences.

If you are interested, what you have to do is:
• write an email with every details: measurements, colors, patterns,
• I'll try to do it, then I'll send you a photo,
• You accept it or write some suggestions,
• If there is something to fix, I'll do it and send you another photo,
• If you accept it, I'll finish the item,
• You'll buy on Etsy, I'll send your order,
• After all- your feedback is essential for me.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or go to Where you can find me:)



Thank you for visiting my PAGE:)

I'd be glad to create something for your unique needs(such as ribbon flower accessories or bouquets, felt
bags or covers). I always want to create the highest quality goods with big pallet of colors, stylish and
unique designs with interesting accents. I look forward to working with you on your custom order
(with felt or ribbon).

Feel free to contact me: