I create

As you know, my hobby started some time ago. From this time, my passion has changed - "because I'm bored" changed into "oh, nice things, maybe I'll give something to my mum" and "I want to have my own company". And you are here today!


All my products are made by myself, I try to choose high quality materials, because of that my products are of high quality too. I use various and trendy colors . I try to adjust all the things I create to your needs. Patterns are chosen by you, I've just found some of them more interesting.
My life is my inspiration, but world of famous people and fashion also stimulate my creativity.
If you want to see some of my products, you'll find them here: Kaznashi / ribbon flowers, kindle covers, hair accessories or others :)


Thank you for visiting my PAGE:)

I'd be glad to create something for your unique needs(such as ribbon flower accessories or bouquets, felt
bags or covers). I always want to create the highest quality goods with big pallet of colors, stylish and
unique designs with interesting accents. I look forward to working with you on your custom order
(with felt or ribbon).

Feel free to contact me: